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Hi gang

For sometime now I have been a self confessed Apple fanboy. Yes a shed a silent tear when Steve Jobs passed away but I still had high hopes for the future of Apple.

I have had friends try and sway me from the company by telling me about their not so clean past, my reply to them has always been “No one in this world is free from guilt!”

So why am I a fan??? I like that they work first time every time! The user interface is simple, and as a study tool it is extremely effective. I don’t want a gaming unit, that’s what I have a Playstation for. I want something that is designed for my needs as a student and Apple do that for me.

So each year since its unveiling of the iPhone, Apple have tried to be innovative in their design of both handset and operating system. Something I loved straight away, while others it took me while to learn to like / love them. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 6 just around the corner I have taken to not reading about the speculations or looking for/at leaked pictures. Why? I hear you ask. No one has any real idea about what is going on except for the employees of Apple and they have all signed contracts to ensure they stay tight lipped. Besides, in the grand scheme of things aren’t there bigger things to put peoples minds to work like solving the big issues of the world such as putting an end to shootings in schoolyards, creating true equality for all or helping those with mental illnesses such as depression.

When the people are more interested in new technology and less about positive changes in the world, that’s when you have to look around and think about when priorities stand.

Until later

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