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Hi gang

As I said last night I was going to start taking an back seat and letting the person in charge start doing their job and not have me do it for them – make decision, clean up after them etc. As the night went on I could feel myself becomeing less worried About the world around me. WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING! By the end of the night I was almost a babbling mess. I am a prize one, A-grade control freak and need to have things done in a a particular way otherwise I will believe that it’s not done correctly.

So I am going to give it another go tonight and see if can go a little longer before I start tightening up the reins again. It’s ridiculous that I couldn’t go one night without doing so. Like a muscle that needs to be strengthened I know I can do it. I will exercise it until it become so strong I con do it without even trying.

In other news though, after spending a week without Facebook in my life I am happy to announce the divorce between myself and the revolting app / website. Tumblr on the otherhand I am not going to be giving that one up anytime soon. I know things are going to be a little difficult by not having and easy connect button “log in with facebook” but I kind of think that is a good thing, one person should not be so reliant on one website. I got and article about how to delete your facebook account and it said that I need to go through and unlike all the things I liked and delete all of my posts so they can’t be used by facebook in the future. It’s weird going back and looking at the things I have liked. Strange thing though, I thought I had more status updates than I had on my timeline – from what I can gather I was a lot more censored than I thought.

Until later